I Am New

Whether you are new to Sts. Constantine and Helen Church, new to Orthodox Christianity, newly Christian, or new at searching for a deeper meaning to life, we invite you into our community.

Relationships are profoundly important to us. Each of us is on a journey to an ever deepening relationship with God and with others. We worship a God who is personal. Our lives revolve around our relationship with Him. He is the center of our faith and our tradition. He is the unchanging truth and the message at the heart of our Church – a 2000-year-old Church, a community of believers founded by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Church is ancient, but it is relevant today. We are sensitive to the realities and concerns of modern life. We strive to be engaged in the issues that matter in lives today, and we confront these issues with our faith, the message of Truth, and our love for God and one another.

We are called to be followers of Christ. We constantly strive to deepen our understanding of God, other people, and the world in which we live. We strive to bear witness to the message of Christ, to speak the timeless truth, to live Christ-like lives now in this world. Our Church is alive and growing – growing in numbers, but more importantly in our relationship with God. We are a community of young and old, embracing one another in love and fellowship, always mindful of God’s love and care for us.

This is our way, our truth and our life in Christ, and our open invitation to you. Visit us, participate with us in worship and praise in this holy, sacred, prayerful and beautiful place God has made – His Church. Talk with us. Get involved in some of our events; they are open to everyone. Experience the community of Constantine and Helen Church for yourself. Experience Christ and His Church. Come and be our guest.

There is a place for you at our table.