Sunday School

2015-2016 Sunday School Curriculum

Director: Stephanie Pierce

PRESCHOOL: God Loves Us, Living our Orthodox Faith

Love, which children so freely give and so naturally expect, is the basis for this program.



This program concentrates on the theme of “Loving God.” Through the example of men and women of the Bible, and of our Saints, children begin to understand right, wrong and forgiveness in the light of God’s love. They also learn the importance not only of loving God unconditionally, but also of respecting other people, of taking care of the environment, of doing good in His Name.


2nd/3rd GRADE: Growing with God

This program is devoted to helping children learn how to use and appreciate the Bible. It also introduces examples of living the sacramental life—attending services, fasting, praying, observing feast days, helping others, learning about the saints and the Church of Christ.


4th/5th GRADE: Blessed Is the Kingdom

This program is a uniquely interactive children’s catechism combining Scripture, theology, the wisdom of the saints and liturgical verses to create a personal journey of knowledge of the Orthodox faith.

Book Study: Brave Like a Saint

How does a child meet the daily decision in life, pleasing God, church and family? Children will identify with Peter as he engages in the everyday struggles of growing up and discovering that life’s real decisions require courage and faithfulness. This splendidly illustrated book will help teach children to live a holy life in an unholy world, imparting precious teachings during a sensitive but impressionable time of growing up.


6th/7th/8th GRADE:

Facing Up to Peer Pressure:  Peer pressure is a nagging challenge faced by our youth, but it also has a favorable side: positive peer pressure. These topics are addressed in this series.

Stewardship: Serving in God’s World: All too often stewardship is equated with money, which is far too limited for a Christian perspective. The five lessons in this unit expand the vision of stewardship from the environment to our role of responsibility to each other, and focuses on the broad concepts of stewardship that will contribute to spiritual growth.

Knowing Christ: The teachings, miracles and parables of Christ are used in these lessons to help us learn to know and build a relationship with Christ.

Honesty:  Honesty is a broad topic, but knowing the consequences of lying, cheating, and distinguishing right from wrong are essential for our youth and their spiritual welfare. The Bible and the teaching of Christ constitute a strong moral compass for such guidance and direction, and are explored in these five lessons.


9th/10th GRADE: Let Us Attend (A study of the Divine Liturgy) by Fr. Lawrence Farley

Every Sunday morning we literally journey into the Kingdom of God. Fr. Farley guides believers through each section of the Divine Liturgy, providing both historical explanations of how it evolved and devotional insights to help us pray the Liturgy in the way the Fathers intended.

Supplemental materials: Journey Through the Divine Liturgy, by Fr. Constantine Nasr and The Orthodox Study Bible.


11th/12th GRADE: Introducing the Orthodox Church: Its Faith and Life by Anthony Coniaris

Before our teenagers head into this difficult world on their own, we want to be sure we are sending them off with a strong Christian foundation. This book covers topics that are important for all Orthodox Christians to know and understand. Some of these topics include: What we believe about the One Apostolic Church, the Nicene Creed, Jesus, the Holy Trinity, Salvation, the Church Fathers, the Sacraments, the Saints and the Theotokos, life after death, the Bible, Icons, prayers for the dead, and prayer.